James Anderson (Andy)

"Well... I guess you win some and you lose some... but I really wanted to win that one!"

Name: James Anderson (Called Andy)
Origin: Alternate Earth (Future)
Bonded At: Avengaea
Bonded To: Avengaean Piralan Asandus, Cemitae Rufasilex
Age: 18 (At bonding), Appears about 22 to 24 now.
Rank: Optio, Fire Ala
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6'0"
Skin: Tanned caucasian
Hair: Short, dusty brown
Eyes: Grey-Green
Current Residence: Nidus Avengaea, Apartment B152
Appearance: Of average height and build for a human, there isn't a lot that stands out about Andy. Aside from an ugly scar marking one side of his face, as well as a tattoo of a lion rampant on his forearm, he doesn't have any remarkable featues. He has pale brown hair, greenish eyes, and peachy skin--tanned a leathery brown on forearms, legs and neck from his time out in the sun. He always wears conservative cuts of clothing, preferring the muted colours and fashions of his homeworld to the loud, volumous robes that seem to be in style at the Nidus.
Personality: Andy can be short-tempered, demanding, and obstinate about what he believes is right, but he's also very loyal, caring, and if he can be brought around to see the other side of things, accepting. The best single word that describes him, however, is 'competitive'. Give him someone to gauge his success against, and he'll try ten times harder then if he were to work alone. When he has a strong opinion about something, you can get him going for hours trying to convince you that he's right, and he's been known to get into fist-fights when someone eggs him on. He's a pretty good speaker, though he's not so good when he 's placed in a totally new situation. He'd like to think that he's a good leader... but in truth, he'll probably only ever make it to Alaris (or second in command).

Cemitae Rufasilex

"Andy, look! I'm a daddy again! :D"

Juvenile Image -- Youth Image

Name: Cemitae Rufasilex
Bond: James Anderson
Bonded at: Avengaea, Bonding Ceremony One
Current Residence: Nidus Avengaea, Apartment B152
Stage: Adult
Rank: Optio, Fire Ala
Sex: Male
Species: Avengaean Piralan Asandus
Size: Medium-Large
Height: 17'
Length: 49'
Appearance: As an adult, one would hardly recognize Cemitae, had they known him as a kit. Long gone is his pudgy build, replaced instead with the sleek proportions of one who trains hard and often.
His coat is vibrant crimson red, with no markings whatsoever aside from the typical fading from red to orange to yellow that all Piralans show on longer hairs. These fade to less eye-blinding oranges and warm golden yellows. These show most prominently on his furred wings and tail plume, though colour-fading occurs on the hairs from his elbows and hocks. The hair growing from his spine and scalp, as well as along the ruffs of his cheeks is a little lighter, ranging into nearly a cream colour at the tips. His irises are bright yellow.

Cemitae's human form (which he takes often), looks like someone straight off the cover of a romance novel. Long, silky flowing hair, a buff (albeit crimson) body, and piercing yellow eyes... he almost looks absurd. He tends to send off a self-confident aura, one that is genuine, for that matter. Cemitae tends to wear loose-fitting clothing that still allows for ease of movement when in human form, in darker colours and revealing cuts of fabric. Almost always (in either form) he keeps his hair back in a loose ponytail.

Personality: Cemitae has gained a lot more confidence in himself since he reached adulthood, and it shows in the way that he acts. He's a good listener, but he's learned that he can't please everybody, nor is it always appropriate to try. He has a commanding voice--giving orders comes as easily to him as giving sympathy.

His bond comes first to him, and he holds by the ideology that friends and family come before himself. When it comes to training, Cemitae's learned all he can from his mentor and childhood idol, Esuro Fidelites, as well as from the human officers of the UNIS that he's had access to. While he may be a lower ranking member of his Ala, Cemitae has the potential to become a useful trainer for newcomers, especially those who need help with learning how to fight.

Locale/TitlePre-Flight StoryMateFlight StoryHatching Story
Tris'Hath, The Victory Dancen/aWyld Gold-Orange-Fire,
Ny'aetia Selamputo
Dragon's DanceThe Clutch
Nidus AvengaeahereGold-Rainbow Mutt,
Private Clutchn/aPernese Gold,
Private Clutchn/aPurple-White-Red Mutt,
Abstract Destinyn/aMakanan Asandus,
Viapera Peragro
Mythicalae, Wyld WhirlsHere------------
Piralan Asandus Cemitae Rufasilex
Avengaean Piralan Asandus, Esedariu Panis
Avengaean Piralan Asandus, Cetio Mananges
Avengaean Piralan Asandus, Moonani Panis
Avengaean Piralan Asandus, Prelia Rufasilex
Avengaean Piralan Asandus, Kendian Fisyt
Avengaean Piralan Asandus, Merua Rufasilex
Ny'aetia SelamputoAven-Mutt Anauyo Selamputo
Aven-Mutt Carcero Selamputo
Aven-Mutt Io Selamputo
Aven-Mutt Nerae Selamputo
Aven-Mutt Sola Selamputo
Supersyllaba SelamputoSemi-Rainbow Red Baechtaven Selamputo
Yellow Nikartere Selamputo
Bright Red Rimaerten Selamputo
Red-White Trecholi Selamputo
Blue-Red Anedefracho Selamputo
Semi-Rainbow Orange Chisagilara Selamputo
Yellow-White Kinystaer Selamputo
Red-Green-Gold Medaena Selamputo
Orange-Red Norajoan Selamputo
Red-Gold Sceyr Selamputo
Yantroth Brown Amigu Rufasilex
Bronze Assoluth Rufasilex
Bronze Bronzie Rufasilex
Bronze Caldissu Rufasilex
White Candegiath Rufasilex
Blue Cometh Rufasilex
Brown Cortecci Rufasilex
Blue Delliath Rufasilex
Bronze Disullath Rufasilex
Brown Esath Rufasilex
Blue Fencenio Rufasilex
White Fresci Rufasilex
Blue Gradiscu Rufasilex
Blue Loscurith Rufasilex
Bronze Luceo Rufasilex
Blue Loscurith Rufasilex
Blue Neinto Rufasilex
Blue Nenome Rufasilex
Brown Pallidu Rufasilex
Blue Penombrath Rufasilex
Brown Sembro Rufasilex
Bronze Stoath Rufasilex
Brown Tonalith Rufasilex
Brown Unath Rufasilex
Green Acquicath Rufasilex
Gold Allorath Rufasilex
Green Bellivath Rufasilex
Gold Calmath Rufasilex
Gold Dabath Rufasilex
Green Dannegi Rufasilex
Della Rufasilex
Green Miglie Rufasilex
Green Moltoth Rufasilex
Gold Perfeze Rufasilex
Gold Scintilla Rufasilex
Green Sedanoth Rufasilex
Green Sorella Rufasilex
Green Tossicath Rufasilex
Green Verdi Rufasilex
Yayseth Silver-White Audactuth Rufasilex
Red-White Derigo Rufasilex
Bronze-White Ictus Rufasilex
Brown Nitor Rufasilex
Red-White Pennipeth Rufasilex
Bronze-Red Quirus Rufasilex
Black-White-Red Ueracitae Rufasilex
Bronze-Red Valdae Rufasilex
White-Red Ymo Rufasilex
Purple-White Basium Rufasilex
Green-White-Red Citivola Rufasilex
Starry-Red Hora Rufasilex
Cream-White Effutia Rufasilex
Red Orexie Rufasilex
Lavender-Red Ruga Rufasilex
Gold-Red Salsus Rufasilex
Gold-White-Red Scita Rufasilex
Orange-White Taceith Rufasilex
Viapera PeragroYellow-Red Aestaseo Peragro
Red-Silver Fors Peragro
Yellow-Orange Favilli Peragro
Orange-Silver Perury Peragro

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