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03/07/05 - Okay, wow. I completely forgot to update this section along with everything else, but needless to say, there's been a lot going on that hasn't been mentioned here. Many sheets have been added and/or updated. Today in Avengaea, Secundinus Selamputo and Sera'Jocusa's stats have been updated. The Star City section, itself, has recieved a nice little revamp. It will make generic searches a little difficult, but if you know whether a dragon is bonded or not, it'll make for much less scrolling. Whoo! In Star City, Tria Mcker's Feyesta has finally been updated. Svar has bonded, which has been added to her page, and a new chapter has gone up in her story-section. Dracothrope's page has been updated with a new sponsor, Leiluna'Inana--whose stats page can also be found in the 'unbonded' section. Ilnathious and Gitest, Daha with Yusanabth, and Menine have been added to the Unbonded section.

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