Clutch 30
(Atisa's Hatching Story)

It was the first clutch to hatch at Star City that was made available to the public completely, and with the way that the Ministry had been advertising, with the way that word travelled, and with the way that the space station's residents tended to be boisterous and prone to celebrate at any given chance, Atisa Talake and the father of this clutch were soon all but overwhelmed with the number of people who had managed to cram themselves into the stands. It was lucky that the candidates and sponsors were allowed to enter from a separate door--if they had had to wade down the tiers to reach the wide hatching bay floor, they'd have found themselves stuck partways!

Everyone seemed to be present for the event, though at this moment, with the hatching imminent, there was a kind of respectful hush over most of the stands, broken by the occasional commentary or curious or tired baby. It was part-ways into the 'evening', and the eggs had been rocking lightly for an hour before finally really picking up the pace.

For all that the stands were crammed, there weren't so many people who seemed to want to bond. Star City folk didn't seem as interested in offworld-raised clutches, and the resources that other worlds provided hadn't entirely been convinced, yet, that Star City was really waiting with open arms.

Hopefully this would change that!

Cemitae sat close to the Avyndal beside him, aware of her nervousness and, vaguely, of her discomfort at his presence. He was here because he was the proud father, not because he was her mate, but despite his concrete assurance that he had no intention of pairing off with her for good, he still remained close, almost taunting. Atisa had heaved a sigh and decided to focus on the pups ready to be born. She was looking forward to bringing one of them home, she might as well keep an eye out in case one of them stumbled towards her first!

When the first egg cracked, there was a pregnant silence across the space of the Bay. A pale orange kit--well, pup, considering the Avyndal heritage--was fighting her way out of the shell, her thickly and wetly-furred wings levering the shell apart. Her body was very faintly marked with yellow, in a tone so similar to the orange as almost to be lost. Her eyes were a rich corn-yellow, just like her fathers... but more like her mother, several horn-nubs seemed to be started on forehead and jawline, and the stubby mane running down the apex of her neck looked to be more scaley then furry. Even her tail was curled faintly when revealed.

She shivered where she wobbled for a moment, and then made her way with some resolution to Or'chao Taikano. Though she didn't say anything to him, Vexisa Talake looked up at him with adoring eyes, and the Bre'ama was decided, whether or not the creature was a mutt, whether or not he was far too high and above all the other creatures witnessing this event, that he was committed. Vexisa was impossible to ignore!

The rest of the eggs were hatching mostly all at once, now, where a slate-blue and creamy yellow-furred male and his rusty orange brother were fighting their way into the world. Shazae Talake was first to gain his bearings, and marched himself straight to Set-re, settling at the goat-like boy's foot and leaning into the Akhet-native with as much love as Nofret might on any other given day. Before Set-re had quite realized what was happening, the bond was forged. This was one thing that he wasn't going to get his way out of, not if Shazae had anything to say about it!

If there was one entirely out of proportion creature in the hatching bay, it was Hiryuu Kurenanshekusai. The huge dragon had almost opted to shift to a human form, if only to blend in with the other bonders and sponsors at this clutch, but something had decided him against it. A good thing, too! Galae Talake homed in on that huge golden bulk, twining about Hiryuu's paw like an extremely happy kitten. Even if he hadn't bonded the big bronze dragon, Galae wasn't going to leave his new sponsor for just any old humanoid!

And that left the last two dragonets, both of which were just shaking the last shell-bits from their fur. Rudae Talake was a peculiarity. Pale tan in colour, with thicker fur fading to a sagey, mossy green, he looked not towards the waiting candidates, but towards his mother, Atisa Talake! He all but pounced the worrying paws of the larger Avyndal, purring and curling up between her open palms, claiming her for his own.

That left one.

She wasn't particularly pretty looking, especially when compared with her siblings. Her fur was a strange, pinky-fleshy colour, tinted a sickly blue towards her points and an even more sickly green where her fur grew thicker. She seemed aware of that--or perhaps of the unimpressed looks that she was getting, for she took one look at the remaining bonders and sponsors, and slunk with an undercurled tail towards her brighter, clashier father! Anaklesa Talake ducked behind Cemitae Rufasilex's paw, to the Asandus' surprise, and only began to burrow under his belly-fur when he tried to pry her out to try to convince her to pick a bonder! It looked like she was stuck with him, or vice versa, for good or for bad!

Most of the stands had remained quiet throughout the hatching, but when it became apparent that the last dragonet had made its choice, clapping and approving cheers picked up from all quarters. That had been fun! It had been, for how quickly it ended, quite a success.

Atisa Talake & Cemitae Rufasilex's Clutch: Pickup