Piotrich Ederwise

"Everything is amorphous, really: metal, minds, our lives... it's up to us to shape things."

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Name: Piotrich Ederwise
Candidate at: Healing Den Geperna Clutch
Bonds: Ty (flit), Mishka (flit)
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Height: 5' 10"
Hair: Copper/Brown
Skin: White
Eyes: Hazel
Father: Meitby Ederwise
Mother: Saamti Ederwise
Origin: Star City, Nexus
Physical Description: Piotrich is the kind of person that you'd expect, coming from a culture as rich and varied as Star City's. He generally dresses is a clothes that vary from skin-tight and semi-translucent, to lose and so riddled with pockets and other doodads as to seem like overkill. One of the many people to wear cyborware with pride, Piotrich's face is lined with tribal-patterned, malleable metal strips. A pair of faux-feathery, cyborware wings are attached to his back, each of which also support small, hovering metallic globes. Aside from this, Piotrich has no other external cyborware.
His hair is a rich, coppery brown colour, and is often gelled into a permanent mass of spikes. Piotrich's most defining features, aside from his facial 'ware, are his vibrant hazel eyes.
Personality: Piotrich is a man who believes that one has to make do with ones own talents, and not depend on what life has to through at a person. When he sees an opportunity to change his life for the better, he takes it. When he's having a run of 'bad luck' or an phase of reduced productivity, he does something about it.
He's rather a bit self-centered, spending hours at a time holing up in his small apartment, working on artistic, metal-shaping endeavors, though he does show a streak of companionability towards his two little flits. When he's not hiding away from the world at home, or burying himself in work, Piotrich likes to lose himself in the crowds of some of Star City's dance-halls and bars. He doesn't have many close friends, and has had even fewer closer relationships. He prefers to keep his friends at a distance and his lovers even further, which most people don't really understand.

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